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Meet Essentia Boca Raton

Welcome to Sunny Florida! We’re so happy to introduce our flagship Boca Raton location and new style. You can tell as soon as you walk in that we’re fully embracing Next Level Sleep. Why not let people know exactly what they’ll experience when they jump…
Healthy Home

New at Essentia: Zebase!

We're really excited to share the newest member of the Essentia family, and something that we know a lot of you have been eagerly anticipating... Zebase! Jack Dell'Accio, our CEO & Founder, explains it best: "I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo; good enough…

Why Natural Hevea Rubber is Awesome

All Essentia beds and many other latex mattresses are made with a natural latex called Hevea rubber. The tree that is the source of Hevea rubber is called “Hevea Brasiliensis”. This lacticiferous plant supplies practically all of the world’s natural rubber through plantations mostly found in…

7 Natural Wonders of America

The United States of America is home to some of the most beautiful places in the World - no doubt about it! From the sheer majesty of Niagara Falls to the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon, there is so much beauty to behold in…

Honey: A Natural Allergy Remedy

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Like you, many people suffer the miserable side effects of allergies every day. For fear of sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose, you might even avoid fun outdoor activities that you would otherwise enjoy. What’s the answer? Some…