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Amazing Animals: Tibetan Mastiff



Behold the mighty Tibetan Mastiff! This is the fiercest dog in the world in addition to being among the rarest breeds of “domestic” dogs. Its not easy to call this dog domestic though, it was bred in the himalayas for over a thousand years to guard and herd livestock, a job it takes very seriously. Tibetan Mastiffs have a personality more like a cat than a dog, while easy to house break they usually dont come when you call their name and are notoriously hard to train. The fact that they are hard to train has a lot to do with their high level of intelligence coupled with a high spirit of independence.

They are highly territorial and will not tolerate any unfamiliar people or animals in there personal space, and at 160+ pounds I wouldn’t argue with them. They are known to be fiercely loyal to their family and are good with kids but they are also convinced they know best and wont necessarily do what you say- like for instance “Cujo stop ripping apart the guy with the watchtower magazines!”. Yeah they pretty much do whatever they want, by the way they have been known to chew through doors, walls, and chain link fence to get what they want.

Consider all of the above before choosing this dog as a pet.

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