Healthy Home

Eco Friendly Furniture Tips

I've noticed that people everywhere have become super aware of  the products they use and everything that is in their home, right down to the details such as paint. We always get asked about organic or eco friendly furniture such as bed frames, tables and couches.…
Vegans Mattress!

Vegan Mattress – No Wool Plz. THX

A Vegan Mattress does not contain any animal products or by-products. That means no wool, horse hair and any other animal hair. All our mattresses are Vegan and here's why. Vegans will be glad to know that, ethics aside, animal fibers should not be used…
Natural TempurPedic

The More Natural Tempurpedic

It seems that people refer to us as, "Essentia..the natural Tempur-pedic mattress". So Essentia is the natural Tempurpedic..... if that means a natural, non-toxic, 80% more breathable alternative to Tempur that's more comfortable, i'll take it. It's fine by me. ;-) Tempurpedic's commercials and website…
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