Too much Greenwashing

Rest and sleep easy with Essentia - Literally! Greenwashing is out there in full force these days.  I'm going to make this post short and sweet as that is all it needs.  Due diligence is all you need.  Make sure you ask the sales person,…

Made in Canada at Essentia Toronto!

This upcoming Friday August 3rd from 6pm - 9pm will be the opening night of 4 local artists from the Beaches. These four painters are part of the Beach Guild of Fine Art and will be showing for the entire month of August. We will…

Beaches Jazz Festival in full swing!

Last night was pretty incredible for a Thursday evening in the East End of Toronto. The Beaches Jazz Festival Street Fest kicked off. Queen Street East through the Beaches is closed from 6pm-12am. There are over 50 bands performing along the stretch along with a…

Row after Row of the Same Old Same Old!

I really do love modern, contemporary homes. They are simple, practical, minimalist and most of all unique; not to mention much more energy efficient than traditional homes. I especially like it when they are placed in urban settings like Toronto where space is at a…

Life In A Shipping Container?

As more and more people begin to move away from the traditional ways of building homes for more sustainable solutions, shipping containers have entered the foray. Readily available and built to withstand extreme conditions, these containers are super strong and will last a long time.…

Black Friday in Canada!

I have noticed for the past few years the increasing number of Black Friday sales as well as the attention the day is getting across Canada. It makes sense considering our dollar has been close to parity with the US dollar. It should make a…
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