Essentia vs Tempur-Pedic Comparison

Essentia vs Tempur-Pedic, check out our new mattress comparison page.

I often get this comment from non mattress people “oh, so you’re like Tempur-Pedic”? My response is always “not quite”.

We’ve really caught the industry off guard. No glues, natural foam, better numbers than the previous leader being Tempur. The big boys are now watching us closely.

A few mattress retailers even “took inspiration” from our approach and created a marketing campaign with our verbiage, look and feel. The difference is they lied through their teeth but no ones the wiser. Kinda like Windows Visa vs Mac OS X. Mac is gaining marketshare but it took time before the public looked passed the bull.

Anyways, the Tempur comparison page gives an nice overview of Essentia’s performance vs Tempur and the no-name memory foam mattress brands. Should be eye-opening if you’re shopping around for a foam mattress.

BTW – if you’re playing for the other team….come join us….we’re better. 😉

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