Family Egg Business Turns Around as Organic Egg Producer

Pete and Gerry’s was ready to shut its doors when advances in factory farm egg production were leaving small family egg farms in the dust. They took a gamble on going organic and it has paid off, with the family egg producer selling more than 180 million eggs per year. The process of transforming the fete and Gerry’s was ready to shut its doors after advances in factory egg farming began leavinarm took three years and was initially expensive and problematic, but the owners stuck with it and saw it through. When they realized that their small farm couldn’t keep up with consumer demand, they created a business model that saw them creating a network of family-owned organic farms and selling the products collectively, always keeping an eye on quality.

Right now you can buy Pete and Gerry’s eggs at many establishments across the East coast of the United States, but they are hoping to expand west into all markets.

Image by BPheonix: Flickr

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