Finding Me In France – Living The Dream, Simply

At Essentia, we get a chance to read some cool blogs that readers and customers send into us. One such blog is about a couple that is selling everything they own and moving to France. They are paring down their lifestyle and enjoying life on simpler terms. Bobbi French is blogging about her experience on, where she writes about their adventures in France, the philosophy that led them to make the decision to move, and just random everyday happenings.

In one of her posts, “The Economics of Happiness”, Bobbi writes that they will be living without a car except for the odd rental, and everything will be in biking or walking distance. This shift alone would be a huge departure for most North Americans that don’t live in a major city. She also talks about how experiences, not things, are more likely to make one happy, and I couldn’t agree more. She also muses that she doesn’t plan on changing her “name to Soleil and live on a farming commune disavowing all material goods. I just want to try living a simpler life.”

Leading a simpler life is something that could help us all with stress levels, carbon footprints, and in many other ways. “Simple” is relative to everyone’s experience; an urban dweller may elect to go out to restaurants less often and prepare their own organic and locally sourced food. A person who drives everywhere may elect to take their bike to the odd place or two. Simple decisions and actions have the power to change the world, and Bobbi’s actions can serve as an inspiration to us all.

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  1. Bobbi

    Hey! That’s me! I’ve even cut my hair off, stopped dyeing it so now no chemicals (embrace the silver girls!), one towel, no hair dryers, less shampoo, less footprint from my head!!

    Thanks for the mention and I look forward to sharing my adventures with the world. Wish me luck as I step to the edge…


  2. Scott

    I’m excited for Bobbi and her new adventure (including the new adventure of being a blogger)! I agree with what you’re saying here too – I’m not sure I’m ready to simplify to the extent Bobbi and Neil are doing, but I think to consider ‘simple’ as a relative term is a great idea… e.g., we’re buying organic and local whenever possible – not only is it a ‘good thing’ to do, the food tastes better!

    I first came to the Essentia site after reading Bobbi’s post about her bed where she mentions your beds… you’re now on the top of my list for my next bed!

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