Gas Use While Idling – Pollution

FACT: Idling for longer than 10 seconds uses more gas than starting your engine.

This is according to the Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency’s Idle-Free Zone & American Society of Mechanical Engineers “Our research showed a V6 restart takes about the same fuel as 5 seconds of idling.”

What’s also interesting is that:
– 10 minutes idling = $0.25.
– 60 minutes/day idling in traffic = $1.50.

Hybrid vehicles turn their engines off while idling. Imagine the impact of this in traffic. I’m not referring to cost, but emissions. The amount of pollution prevented would be astronomical….. to the chagrin of Big Gas Co 😉

In 2007, taxes in Canada represented, on average, 32% of the pump price. So while you sit in traffic the government collects as well.

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  1. um

    constant stopping and starting of your engine wears down your battery and alternator, and can lead to long term problems within your car. You make the decision: saved a couple cents now and pay hundreds of dollars to the mechanic later, or simply put your car into NEUTRAL. Yes, putting your car into neutral reduces, but does not eliminate, gas consumption at a stop.

  2. Name

    My city has very low traffic density but we’re still stuck with crosswalks all over the place, which are dangerous, cuz pedestrians assume zero responsibility for their own life. All these pedestrian crossings are ridiculous and I’m certain DOUBLE the amount of exhaust on any given itinerary.

    Myself, I never make cars stop/start to cross as there’s always a crossing option somewhere.

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