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Great White Food, Are You Next?

I never really understood the appeal of going to the beach.  To this day, if you gave me the choice of going to the beach or stubbing my toe, I would without hesitation choose the latter.

There are more than a few reasons, but my #1 is that the beach gives you the gift that keeps on giving, sand.  It gets everywhere!

I took a trip to the beach a few weeks back, and I am still finding sand in my suitcase, in my back left pocket, it never ends.  At least the pain from  a stubbed toe goes away after a few minutes.

Okay, so that’s just the beach itself.  If you have never been to or seen a beach, I will fill you in on the details.  Not only do you find an obnoxiously invasive amount of sand, but you will often find some large body of water right next to it.  Now this body of water is generally freezing cold!  Not to mention it has currents that can pull you out to sea and you have absolutely nothing to say about it.  Well, you might say “AHHHH!!!” but I am not quite sure of the statistics of that actually helping.

Let’s say you are really a brave soul and all the negatives I have just mentioned outweigh your desire to get skin cancer, ride the waves, or my personal favorite, dive deep into the water to “see what is down there.”  I for one, went to school, the library, the aquarium, and even Sea World.  By the time I was 6 years old, I was pretty clued in to “what is down there.”

All of that leads me to the deal breaker.  Sharks.  They are swimming mouths with sharp teeth that regrow.  I have problems regrowing my hair, these sharks can regrow their teeth in hours!   So when I read articles about people getting eaten by sharks, or shark attacks, I just cant wrap my head around it.  Granted, sand is what is keeping me from the beach, so maybe I am just not meant to understand.

What are your thoughts?  Does the risk/reward calculation work out so you keep diving into the water?  Please help me by leaving comments below.

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  1. Kate

    Well I have studied sharks for quite some time actually and they are usually the prey in some cases. They are hunted and their species in numbers have gone down rapidly. Humans are just as harmful and sharks if not more! Sharks never intend to hurt you unless you look like a fish or sea lion. Trust me sharks aren’t as bad as you think. Being struck by lightning is more common than being attacked by a shark. Only around 15 shark attacks are fatal each year. Anyways shark have been here much longer than humans.

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