Grove Made: Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

I’m in love.

I’m in love with my iPhone case.  Thanks to grove  I get a million little extra moments of joy in my day.


This eco-chic Portland based company is a classic “case” of quality meets design.  Founders Joe and Ken married their respective woodworking and laser skills with one simple goal in mind: to make the best iPhone case possible.


And my oh my did they succeed!


I could sing their praises all day long, but I think their designs speak for themselves.  From the classic TREE design to the quirky Sad Yeti these guys have got a case for everyone.


For those of you that are always looking for the latest and greatest, they were ahead of the game with the production of their iPhone 5 case.  With a new design in the works before the iphone 5’s launch they were sending cases out the door the minute the specs were released.


Grove makes lots of other products too!  Check out their cases for the new iPad.


and with the help of MapleXO: their post-industrial, recycled skateboard lovechild, the SkateBack



As if the sheer cool factor of this company isn’t enough, their customer service is unbelievable.  When my case was lost in the mail for 3 weeks, grove guru Mary held my hand the whole way through.


Thanks Grove!


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