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Honda Is Officially Out Of Its Element

Honda will no longer produce its Element model. The small SUV had a good run for the last 10 years, winning several awards for its versatility. The Element was a strange car that thought outside the box but also looked like a box. With features like waterproof seats and floors and 64 different seat configurations, it was a car that was up for any activity.

With 2011 coming to an end the Element will follow. It wouldn’t surprise me if an electric Element came out sometime in the future with a similar design and even more interesting features. The Element was a car that helped start the small SUV craze, hopefully the future element will help start a more sustainable craze…





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  1. Val

    Where do we find the seat configurations. I have had my Element for six years and still can’t find any information on how to do this.

  2. Darlene

    Small SUVs are better than giant SUVs, plus one of my friends has a Honda Element with a 6-speed manual transmission and gets about the same gas mileage that I do on my tiny and supposedly fuel efficient Nissan Versa SL (with the CVT transmission that’s supposed to save more gas).

  3. Val

    I’m not surprised the Element line is ending. Honda never really advertised it. It was like they were ashamed of it or something like an illegitimate child. All the other “children” were shown off and bragged about but somehow the Element never made the lineup. My dad said Honda didn’t want people buying the cheaper Element over the more expensive CRV. My car is almost six years old and the polyurethane floor is still like new. I waste stuff and just wipe it up, it’s great and I think they need to put this in other vehicles.

    • michael

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they brought it back in a couple years as hybrid with suicide doors and even more corky features. I agree with you 100% through, i think more cars should have floors that can be hosed out.

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