GoPro HD Hero2

Incredible New GoPro HD HERO2 Camera!!!

Have you heard of the New GoPro HD HERO2 Camera?!

It is the most cutting-edge GoPro camera, yet!  This video below just shows you how truly remarkable it is…


I know a couple of people who use this type of camera when they are quading or snowboarding, and the videos with the GoPro Camera are amazing.  You can use all different kinds of mounts for your GoPro Camera.  You can mount it on your chest, head, hold it out, etc.  There is software you can get that helps you make these incredible videos.

GoPro HD Hero2


Talk about getting up close and personal. For people that aren’t huge on extreme sports this camera can be a big game changer. What do I mean? Simple you can almost be a part of the action, feel the thrill and excitement without actually risking your life!

So, I may never be free jumping off of cliffs but it sure is cool to watch someone else doing… who know it may even inspire me to put my big girl panties on and try something I never would have considered!

If you have made a sports video using this type of camera, is there any feedback you’d give others who are looking into getting one of them as well?

Here is GoPro’s Home page, if you want to check the GoPro HD HERO2 camera out some more!

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  1. Michael Robert Brown

    I heard a couple of guys talking about this in the New York subway so I looked it up online and found your page. Thanks. I thought I was right and you confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this. I’d love to save this and share with my friends.

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