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Is Essentia Endorsed by NFL?

nfl mattressQuestion from Catherine in Atlanta:
“An article on says the NFL is endorsing Essentia mattresses. My husband is an ex football player. Why are your mattresses suited for him?”

I don’t know anything about any NFL endorsements….i wish….. but several athletes do sleep on Essentia mattresses. They often communicate back with praise and we get some great referrals from them.

Our Energie mattress works well for athletes because most have wide shoulders and pronounced lower back curvatures. The Energies multiple layers (natural memory foam and latex) allows for a deeper support which accommodates their body types perfectly.

According to a recent Standford University study, athletes who slept more had significant improvements in performance. Hey Manning, you better call quick, we’re counting on you.

The amount of sleep a person gets affects:
– physical health
– emotional well-being
– mental abilities
– productivity
– performance

Owners should be including Essentia mattresses in their all contracts. lol 😀

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