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Is Memory Foam Safe for a Baby?

baby on memory foamMichelle from didn’t leave a city asks…..

“Would you have any information regarding what type of memory foam is used in an infant product designed to elevate and secure an infant from birth to six months in the crib as described in One Step Ahead (can be viewed online), a catalog of baby products? It claims to be safe but I purchased one and the odor is quite strong. I am reluctant to let my newborn sleep on this.
Thank you in advance for your time.”

Answer: Memory foams are made from petroleum based chemicals and a slew of others. The odor, or off-gassing has been a major complaint among many.

Personally I would not place my infant in any mattress that had an odor let alone a strong chemical odor but i’m a no health professional. šŸ˜‰

I would go with a 100% natural latex, rubber or organic cotton mattress with organic fabrics for a baby or one of Essentia’s organic mattresses for a toddler.

All mattresses sold in the U.S.A are required to pass fire tests.
Chemical fire retardants should be avoided at all costs because they’ve been linked to all kinds of things like SIDS, cancer, learning and memory deficit as well as heart, lung and kidney damage. orĀ are great resources when looking in to more information regardingĀ fire retardants on beds. Wools are natural fire retardants and often used in mattresses as fire retardants. Another option would be to get a doctors note which allows you to purchase a mattress without FR.

Read reviews and take your time in choosing a baby mattress because their developing bodies are very delicate.

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  1. jason

    Your decision could potentially affect the health of your family. The feedback from users on is one hell of a long list.

    I donā€™t feel everything around us from couches to carpets and our beds which it put our faces in for 8hrs/night should be laden with chemicals.

  2. Newborn Memories

    I don’t know about that. This is fisrt time i read about this. Thank you for your information. Anyway it is really dangerous.

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