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Karma For Justin Beiber

It’s not everyday that a young man turns 18. When most young men turn 18 they go out and celebrate with their friends, and if they’re really luck maybe even get a car from their parents. When you’re Justin Beiber things are a bit different though.

For Justin’s birthday he was surprised with a $100,000 Fisker Karma. The extravagant gift was presented to him on the Ellen DeGenerous Show from his manager.

We’ve covered the Fisker Karma in previous posts, so you may be asking why is it different this time? Well we’ve noticed a trend with celebrities and “Eco Friendly” cars. If you put the right car in the right hands it becomes really cool almost immediately.

Giving Justin Beiber this Electric Supercar may be the ticket to converting the majority of tweens into hybrid or EV drivers. With Beiber Fever striking the nation, will Fisker Fever be next?

Although I am still not 100% convinced electric cars or hybrids are the way to go because of the large amount of EMR they generate, this push to make newer generations more environmentally conscious is a good thing, especially when you package it like the Karma.



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