Kill Vent Mold and Clean Your Air Supply

If you have central heating or cooling, a lot of the air you breathe in has to pass through those vents. If there is mold in your vents, you will end up breathing in that mold. This can lead to all manner of health problems, so it’s important to kill off that mold!

The vents tend to be a bit moist, and the A/C running all summer will cool them down. This is perfect for mold, which loves cool, damp environments. Keeping the vents clean will ensure that there is no mold, guaranteeing fresh air.mold-on-the-ac-vent-in

Here is a simple way to clean out your vents and kill off any mold living there:

  1. Get geared up. You’ll need a mask to prevent yourself from inhaling any dust or mold, and use a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean as you scrub off the vents. You should wear long clothing to protect your skin as well.
  2. Remove the vent cover. It should come off pretty easily with a screwdriver, or there will be pressure clips holding it in place. Once the cover has come off, place it in a basin filled with hot, soapy water (use laundry detergent). Let it sit for about 15 minutes before you scrub it with a scrub brush or clean rag.
  3. Clean the vent. While the vent cover is soaking, use a rag to remove the dust from inside the vent. You will need to make a few passes with the rag to get more than just the surface dust, so make sure to have a bucket handy to rinse the dust from the rag after each pass.
  4. Apply cleansers. Using soap and hot water on the inside of the vents will help to kill off most of the mold, but you should apply a bit of bleach as well to ensure that there is no mold left. Let the bleach sit for about 5 minutes before wiping it off with a rag. (Be very careful, as the bleach will stain your clothes!)
  5. Dry it. Use a dry cloth to wipe all of the water out, and make sure the inside of the vent is as dry as possible. Use a Lysol spray as a final defense against future mold, and replace the vent cover.air-vent-cover-b

It’s an easy clean, and it will ensure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy. Within just an hour or so, you can go through all of the vents in your home.

Handy Tip: If you have lots of dust and mold, you may want to set up a dehumidifier to help reduce mold – specifically toxic black mold!

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