Mattress without Fire Retardants

Did you know all Essentia mattresses sold within Canada don’t contain fire retardants.

Fire retardants are in practically every mattress on the market. Some companies even use PDDE and boric acid in their FR’s which is kinda frightening. Leaching into your body like hand cream many chemicals used accumulate in your body.

Luckly Canada has not passed a law requiring us to use fire retardants. So all mattresses shipped within Canada do not contain fire retardants. However, for all mattresses shipped to the U.S. we use a Kevlar fire retardant which is probably the most expensive FR on the market but it’s as clean as it gets. It’s illegal to sell mattresses that don’t contain FR in the U.S. A doctors note stating you do not want FR is the only way for us to send FR free mattresses to the U.S.

Check out the recent article in the Montreal Gazette entitled “We’re in Chemical Overload“. More info on toxic fire retardants.

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