Got a Dirty Oven? Skip the Chemicals and Clean the Natural Way


Oven cleaner is probably one of the most toxic chemicals that you have in your home, and it’s going to kill your nose while harming your lungs and burning your hands (if you don’t wear gloves).

If you want to keep a clean home, it’s best to stay away from this strong cleaner.

But what can you do if your oven is covered in last week’s spilled meat drippings, pie fillings, or oil from the oven-baked fries? The oven isn’t going to clean itself, and without the oven cleaner, you’ll be stuck scrubbing for hours. Or will you?

Cleaning Your Oven the Safe Way

To get that oven nice and clean without exposing yourself to way too many chemicals, put the oven cleaner away and:

  • Get out that Dawn dish soap. Add 5 drops of dawn into a glass mixing bowl, and mix in about 5 tablespoons of baking soda. With 4 tablespoons of vinegar to make the baking soda fizz up, your oven cleaner is ready to rock! You’ll need a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands clean, as baking soda will dry them out and possibly even burn them. Get scrubbing with this mixture, and you should have a clean oven within about 30 minutes. Use a lemon to help you scrub the grime off your oven door.IMG_6184


  • Mix baking soda with a bit of water. Don’t worry about adding any fancy cleaners into the mix, but just mix about 5 tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of water or so. Use a brush to apply the baking soda mixture, but don’t worry about scrubbing just yet. Let the baking soda paste sit on the oven’s surfaces all night long, and use a sponge to help you get rid of the paste come morning.
  • Turn on the oven. Sounds odd, but heating the oven to a cool 125 F can help to get rid of all but the toughest and most caked of spots. Once the oven has heated properly, spray vinegar water onto the surfaces, and use salt on the thicker spills and grime. Turn off the oven, and let it cool down. Once it has cooled, wipe off the vinegar and salt, and get at those spots with a brush.



See, it’s not too hard to clean your oven, and you can leave it nice and clean without inhaling those yucky chemicals in commercial oven cleaners!

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