Nestle Chairman Offers Up Lame Attack on Organic Food

In the PR world, if a competitor is really getting the edge on your business, you start slagging them.

If negative ad campaigns work, why not trying to slag the industry that is making inroads on your established no fair trade and child enslaving way of business?

That’s the angle the chairman of Nestle Peter Brabek-Letmathe has chosen to take towards the organic food industry. Rather than embracing it, he dishes out the oldest cliche in the organic-hating playbook: organic food can’t feed the world.

Since this is the only really true claim that anti-organic foes can make against the food more and more people are wanting to eat, they seize onto it like a dog with a chemical-laced bone. The Nestle chairman takes things a rarified step further and implies that although organic food is great and we should be supporting those farmers who grow it, we have to think of the world’s food supply before doing so. In other words, we can’t support these farmers if we want to feed the starving children. Really, Peter? Wow. Just, wow.

In addition, he postulates that the organic food market has already hit its peak and won’t grow anymore. Peter, the statistics on organic food market growth disagree with you year over year since the market began. Even during the recession, consumers demanded organic products and while the sector did not see a healthy boom, they weren’t hit with the kind of profit reductions that the manufacturing sector saw either.

Hopefully, Peter’s ruminations are the last gasp of a dying breed of plutocrat. Enjoy your chemical-laced world-sustaining food, Peter. We’ll be enjoying some fresh organic produce while you try to feed the world with fertilizer and pesticide soaked HFCS goo.

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