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Organic Bedding for a Cleaner, Greener Bedroom

Photo By Rawganique

Sleep soundly with a clean conscience by making the switch to organic bedding. Organic sheet sets may cost a little more than their department store counterparts, but they’re beneficial both to your health and to the environment. One of the most affordable and accessible eco-friendly options is organic cotton. Make sure the sheets use only 100% certified organic cotton and are sweatshop-free. To avoid exposure to excessive chemicals, you can opt for unbleached and undyed sheets in natural colours. Different weaves and thread counts can vastly change the feel of cotton sheets, so you may need to experiment to find the texture that’s right for you.

Our own Essentia offer luxury organic sheets certified by GOTS.

Rawganique offers some affordable options for organic cotton bedsheets. Using 100% undyed and unbleached organic cotton in a percale, sateen, jacquard, or flannel finish, their products are made in the USA or Europe and are sweatshop-free. If you’re looking to go higher end (and it’s always a sound sleep investment), Loop Organic is another option for organic cotton sheets. Certified by the Organic Trade Association, they offer hotel-quality organic bed linens with embroidered designs. You can even request fabric swatches to sample the feel of their organic cotton before buying.

Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular option for eco-friendly bed linens because it’s so soft and absorbent. Organic bamboo bed sheets, such as these ones from Green Earth Bamboo, are great for people with skin allergies or night sweats. For those who have never tried bamboo sheets before, the company will also send sample swatches to help you decide on which sheet set feels right for you.

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  1. Bob

    Bamboo sheets are far from organic. Rayon derived from bamboo is heavily processed using toxic chemicals.
    Many other sources also detail how rayon from Bamboo, Beech or Oak pulp is turned into a fibre and it is anything but eco-friendly.

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