Organic Hops Could Give Your Beer a Boost

Organic beer lovers already know just how tasty organic beer is compared to regular beer. But up until now, their selection has been limited to the small microbreweries that wanted to engage in organic beer making.

Enter a USDA rule change on hops that requires organic beer makers to use exclusively organic hops in their beer. Oh yeah, up until now, that hasn’t been necessary in the US. In any case, by 2013 it will be in place, and when it is they will have new varieties and flavours of hops to add to beer, thanks to a group of farmers from the Pacific Northwest and researchers. This will mean more choice for the US organic beer consumer, and a guarantee on ingredients that just wasn’t there before.

Despite this, many organic beer makers still use organic hops. All you have to do is contact your favourite brew master and ask. I know my organic beer of choice, made by Beau’s near Ottawa, Ontario and full of tasty goodness, does use organic hops.

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