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Organic Science Cluster Establishes to Help Canadian Organic Farmers

Last week, the Canadian government announced the establishment of the Organic Science Cluster. An investment of $6.5 Million will bring together scientists from every industry to develop more efficient and profitable processes for organic farmers.

Agriculture Minister Jerry Ritz had this to say about the program: “Demand for organic products is growing and this Government wants to help our hardworking Canadian farmers capture as much of this market as possible,” said Minister Ritz. “By creating this all-star team, we can maximize the investment and focus┬áCanada’s organic expertise on the research that shows the most promise in delivering a profitable, competitive edge to farmers.”

While this is a step in the right direction, it would also be helpful to organic farmers if they were privy to the same tax cuts and subsidies that conventional farmers have access to. Hopefully this is next on the agenda.

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