Green Products

Greener Holiday Candles

Whether you are lighting a menorah or lighting a candle for a Yule celebration, chances are good that at least one candle will be employed in your holiday rites this December. Since candles are such an intrinsic part of the holidays, one cannot suggest that…
Essentia on the Dragons Den
In the Media

Essentia on The Dragons Den

So Jack was on CBC's The Dragons Den last night. A fraction of what was said was aired. It was a hell-of-a-lot more entertaining and heated live. Here's the Story. Offering a portion of the business at a factory level was never an option. The…
soy memory foam

Soy Memory Foam is Misleading

Ok, so you want the skinny on soy memory foam mattresses? The Soy memory foam or Plant Based memory foam available is a maximum of 15% soy...the rest is the same old petroleum based foam. When i say 15, it's generous. It's usually only 2-10%…

Mattress without Fire Retardants

Did you know all Essentia mattresses sold within Canada don't contain fire retardants. Fire retardants are in practically every mattress on the market. Some companies even use PDDE and boric acid in their FR's which is kinda frightening. Leaching into your body like hand cream…

Buy 1 Acre of Rainforest for $15

Here's your opportunity to buy 1 acre of rainforest for just $15. The rainforest is being burned for soy and palm plantations as well as to raise cattle. The rush for Biofuels is also fueling this destruction and according to Greenpeace "a handful of international…
Keetsa Mattress Company

Keetsa Mattress

Joe Alexander, the sales & marketing director over at San Francisco based Keetsa mattress store called me today. He wanted some spec sheets on our products and we had a little chat. I guess he was fishing for some info on the competition. (no clue…
Toxic Bedroom

Toxic Bedrooms

You'd think i would have read it earlier. Here's a description for Toxic Bedrooms: Your Guide to a Safe Night's Sleep. Your bedroom should be a safe haven, but unfortunately more and more research is revealing that the bedroom may be one of the most…
baby on memory foam
Q & A

Is Memory Foam Safe for a Baby?

Michelle from didn't leave a city asks..... "Would you have any information regarding what type of memory foam is used in an infant product designed to elevate and secure an infant from birth to six months in the crib as described in One Step Ahead…