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Latex Mattress or Memory Foam ?

What's better, latex mattress or memory foam mattress? I get this question every day. Here`s the low down. Lets compare the 2: Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam mattresses are made with petroleum based chemicals. This is not eco-friendly but they offer unmatched…

Gas Use While Idling – Pollution

FACT: Idling for longer than 10 seconds uses more gas than starting your engine. This is according to the Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency's Idle-Free Zone & American Society of Mechanical Engineers "Our research showed a V6 restart takes about the same fuel as 5…
Sleep Doctor

Essentia at Sleep Doctor?

Question from Jeff in Michigan: "Is the Essentia Mattress offered by Sleep Doctor in Michigan the same as yours?" Answer: No, Sleep Doctor does not sell nor are they authorized to sell our products. They may have a mattress called Essentia but it's certainly not…

Essentia vs Tempur-Pedic Comparison

Essentia vs Tempur-Pedic, check out our new mattress comparison page. I often get this comment from non mattress people "oh, so you're like Tempur-Pedic"? My response is always "not quite". We've really caught the industry off guard. No glues, natural foam, better numbers than the…
nfl mattress
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Is Essentia Endorsed by NFL?

Question from Catherine in Atlanta: "An article on says the NFL is endorsing Essentia mattresses. My husband is an ex football player. Why are your mattresses suited for him?" I don’t know anything about any NFL endorsements....i wish..... but several athletes do sleep on…
Mattress Off Gass

Why Dont Essentia Mattresses Off-Gas?

Off Gassing from memory foam mattresses seems to be a major complaint among owners. They complain of headaches, watery eyes or crusty morning eyes and sometimes respiratory issues. Why is your Mattress Off Gassing? Most memory foams are created using chemicals. Chances are if it's…

0% Mattress Financing for Canadians!

  Good news, we now offer 0% mattress financing plan in Canada through Desjardins Accord D. We know he ability to finance a $3000+ mattress was a must. Our 90 day money back guarantee, 20 year limited warranty and now 0%  financing reassures everyone we're…
Natural TempurPedic
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The More Natural Tempurpedic

It seems that people refer to us as, "Essentia..the natural Tempur-pedic mattress". So Essentia is the natural Tempurpedic..... if that means a natural, non-toxic, 80% more breathable alternative to Tempur that's more comfortable, i'll take it. It's fine by me. ;-) Tempurpedic's commercials and website…

Feeding off Aspiring Companies

Our recent press release resulted in some nice media coverage and interest. It also led some not-so-interesting requests. The show was called Living in Style and the production company is East Shore Productions. According to them they contacted us to incorporate Essentia into one of…