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Recycled Glass Barware – Shake Up Your Home Bar

While glass in and of itself is a fairly inert substance, there is no reason that recycled glass can’t be made into barware. Granted, this is not your cup of tea if you have to have a separate kind of wine glass for each kind of wine, but if you do the occasional bit of entertaining and just want to have something a bit more eco than usual to pour the drinks into, this stuff is for you.

Recycled Glass Wine Carafe
If you don’t decant red wine for at least 30 minutes prior to serving, you aren’t getting the full flavour. This is why some reds have a vinegarish taste right out of the bottle; if you decant them, that all but goes away. This carafe is affordable and made from 100% recycled glass.

Anchor Glass Products
This company’s motto is “raise a glass to planet Earth”. They have everything you could possibly want in the way of barware, stemware, and other household glass products.

Crate and Barrel
The popular retailer offers recycled glass barware made in Mexico.

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