Recycling Bottles and Cans- Hard on the ears

Yesterday, I visited the North Van Recycling ltd., and I have to say, it was quite the experience!

We sorted though bottles, cans, and containers, all different sizes and types. Happily, we walked away with a little over 30 dollars from our recycling efforts.

Yet, while recycling my bottles and cans, it struck me how hard the experience was on my ears. The crashing, clanging, loud sounds of glass bottles being thrown together made for an uncomfortable experience, to say the least.

It is quite possible, the people who work at this bottle depot may be having their hearing damaged by the loud constant noises of bottles bashing together. And, from what I observed, there was a lack of proper ear protection for the people working on site.

I would have even purchased earplugs, if that option were available…

Maybe the North Vancouver Municipality can look into this for the people who work at this facility?

One more observation while at the depot, the amount of wood bugs, and earwigs that end up alive or dead amongst old bottles and cans is quite amazing. They must have been attracted to the left over sugary drink contents in a lot of the recycled bottles people bring in…  Just an observation.


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  1. clint trombley

    “These Noise Levels/exposures ARE real,unacceptable, and must have mandatory hearing safety,to protect worker’s and reveal the “TRUE FACTUAL HAZARDS OF GLASS-GLASS interactions.look up “health and safety executive” website-under “glass noise”SAFETY MUST be implimented,in all depots.”I now have chronic tonal tinnitus and bilateral hearing loss.

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