Row after Row of the Same Old Same Old!

leslievilleintrigueI really do love modern, contemporary homes. They are simple, practical, minimalist and most of all unique; not to mention much more energy efficient than traditional homes. I especially like it when they are placed in urban settings like Toronto where space is at a premium.


Here is an example of a wonderful new home constructed in the heart of Leslieville just to the east of the downtown core and to the west of my neighborhood, the Beaches. Historically Leslieville has been a working class neighborhood but has seen a huge increase in prices over the past 10-15 years as most neighborhoods in the city have (gentrification anyone?).  As people with more money move into this neighborhood these older homes are being upgraded to the nines on the interior but the exterior’s are the same old.  Maybe brushed up a little but same old brick and mortar.

Leslieville is a wonderful neighborhood which is still in that transitioning phase where you have the typical plain old Toronto homes, predominantly semi-detached 3 bed, 1 bath where you walk into the living room followed by the dining room which eventually leads to the kitchen at the back of the home. Nothing wrong with this of course but for such a diverse neighborhood you would think there would be a little more variety to the exterior of home styles. Most of these homes are the same on the outside as the floor plans are on the inside.

This new modern home located on Rhodes Avenue is a nice change to the otherwise row after row of exactly the same looking homes. It may look a little out of place at the moment to some people but understand this is an old neighborhood with old homes and old home problems.

Here is another example of a place I remember being for sale just north of the Beaches on Cassels Ave. I remember being out for a late night walk about this time last year when I noticed it, glowing from the inside to the darkness of the street. What a beautiful, simple looking place. It was for sale so I was able to see pictures of the inside and it just made sense. Again the use of space is premium and modern houses get it.

As the years go on and as I drive around the city I have noticed more and more modern homes in my east end neighborhood and every time I do I almost get whiplash. Of all the ones I see they are unique in their own way. Simple, practical, efficient and beautiful.  As for the older homes and their identical twin sisters and brothers beside them, hmmm is there a word for reverse whiplash?

Anyone else out there that would like to see more of these old exteriors renovated to go along with the modern interior renovations?

Let me know with your comments below.  Oh and the pictures above depict Leslieville Intrigue and Leslieville Blah, can you guess which is which?

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