Similarity – Diversity – Planet Earth

(Bowen Island, Photograph by Iona Buchan)

Have you ever noticed how there is a great deal of diversity on our planet, and at a closer look, many similarities among living things in our world.

I believe, having the awareness and appreciation of this diversity of living things, and an understanding of the similarities that we share with all life on our planet, allows for more of a worldly compassionate view of events.

We are ‘all’ so very special; our planet is so very special.  We should look to our uniqueness as a blessing, and what binds us together on this planet; our similarities with all life, as a gift.  Truly, planets like Earth are very hard to come by, and NASA has only found a certain amount of planets that could potentially contain water and life.

Just think of all of the amazing species, and ecosystems on our planet that we get to know about and experience!  It is mind expanding and warmth fills me when I think of how incredible it is to be a part of this world.

What spurred this blog?  I did spend a bit of time on the National Geographic Website this morning looking at our world’s diversity and the similarities between different species.  Click here to visit the National Geographic Website.

How precious life is on Earth!



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