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Meet Essentia Boca Raton

Welcome to Sunny Florida! We’re so happy to introduce our flagship Boca Raton location and new style. You can tell as soon as you walk in that we’re fully embracing Next Level Sleep. Why not let people know exactly what they’ll experience when they jump…
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New at Essentia: Zebase!

We're really excited to share the newest member of the Essentia family, and something that we know a lot of you have been eagerly anticipating... Zebase! Jack Dell'Accio, our CEO & Founder, explains it best: "I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo; good enough…

Night time habits that are wrecking your sleep

Who doesn't love a great nights sleep. But if you're like many people, (myself included) you probably have certain routines before bed each night. In looking for ways to optimize my slumber, I did a little research and came across this nifty article. I…

Bullying: Effects and Responsibilities

(Sourced from A Word to our Canadian Principals Bullying is a problem that needs to be addressed informally on a daily basis and formally in an annual assembly by every school in Canada. Each principle at every Canadian school should be instructed to call…
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