Be Careful That Your Rubber Doesn’t Break!

[youtube][/youtube] Note to self; ┬áNext time I am in Zimbabwe, don't let someone push me off a bridge with yarn attached to my feet. ┬áThis is a prime example of why I prefer to stay home and watch stuff like this on youtube, rather than…
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Do Latex Mattresses Dry Out?

Jim From Calgary asked........ A mattress vendor in Calgary indicated to us that a latex mattress does not last long and becomes brittle in a dry climate such as Calgary. Would this be a potential concern in regards to your mattresses? Answer: Unfortunately, this vendor,…
Latex Rubber Tree
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Latex Mattress or Memory Foam ?

What's better, latex mattress or memory foam mattress? I get this question every day. Here`s the low down. Lets compare the 2: Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam mattresses are made with petroleum based chemicals. This is not eco-friendly but they offer unmatched…