Night time habits that are wrecking your sleep

Who doesn't love a great nights sleep. But if you're like many people, (myself included) you probably have certain routines before bed each night. In looking for ways to optimize my slumber, I did a little research and came across this nifty article. I…
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Your Mattress Does Matter!

  According to Dr. Robert Oexman, Director of the Sleep to Live Institute, the quality of your mattress will most definitely affect the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your sleep is one of the main factors determining the quality of your life. According…

Life In A Shipping Container?

As more and more people begin to move away from the traditional ways of building homes for more sustainable solutions, shipping containers have entered the foray. Readily available and built to withstand extreme conditions, these containers are super strong and will last a long time.…

Jessica Alba Has a New Eco-friendly Baby Business!

Just recently, news broke that Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has launched her very own eco-friendly and toxic-free baby products and household items at for a monthly subscription! Super cool! According to, her brand new e-commerce company is named after her first daughter Honor.…

Toronto is a “Sustainable” City! We Win!

Check out the article below which I found here. If you love being eco-friendly then this will definitely be of interest to you! Recently, Toronto's Fluf was awarded NYIGF's Highest "SustainAbility" Status! Fluf, a Toronto-based design and manufacturing company, has received the New York International…
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Is Essentia Endorsed by NFL?

Question from Catherine in Atlanta: "An article on says the NFL is endorsing Essentia mattresses. My husband is an ex football player. Why are your mattresses suited for him?" I don’t know anything about any NFL endorsements....i wish..... but several athletes do sleep on…