That’s one Expensive Mattress!

WOW. That’s an expensive mattress. It’s the first thing i hear when people see our prices.

Did you spend more on your couch than your bed, more on your car than your mattress? Chances are you did. 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping…unless you’re Mr. Trump from what i’ve heard @ 4 hours/night.

Let’s Justify the Investment
With our 20 year warranty it’s less than $150/year. You probably spend more on coffe alone!!!

A good mattress is life changing. A good sleep makes you more productive, less moody, reduces stress, boosts memory etc. The benefits far outweigh the $150/year investment.

Why are Essentia Mattresses Expensive?
Natural components is what makes our mattresses so expensive.

We don’t use springs. A spring system is $15. We use 100% natural latex at $700-$1400. The benefits cannot be ignored. Consistent support throughout the lifespan of the mattress. A spring mattress loses 16% of its support in the first year. Natural latex won’t lose that even after 20 years of abuse.

Essentia natural memory foam is easily 15x more expensive to produce than chemical memory foams. The benefit is unmatched comfort, 0 chemical offgassing (healthy), a breathable product so you won’t get hot.

The industry focuses on initial comfort and aesthetics. Longevity and health are of no concern. You end up losing no matter what. They need consumers!!!!

People who buy Essentia understand why it’s an expensive mattress and appreciate the quality and comfort.

Hey, we’re not most expensive mattress in the world. That would be the $50,000 mattress the Queen of England sleeps on. That’s expensive.

So to everyone who says “that’s expensive” i say “you’ve got your priorities all mixed up”

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  1. lucy

    firstly your artical is not correct…

    there is NO $15. Spring system anywhere.PERIOD!

    a high quality pocket coil spring system cost is aproximatly $120.00 Queen size

    a high quality Talalay latex core can be purchased for 150.00 in todays current market.. the latex is more expensive but its not $700, wholesale..

    so maybe you should be a little more accurate with the numbers….

  2. Jason

    We’re definitely interested in sourcing your natural latex cores at $150.

    We’re equally interested in selling you pocketed coils at $120 😉


  3. lucy

    How long have you been in business?
    firstly if your paying $120, for the pocket coil why would you sell it for $120.?
    secondly if your purchasing springs for $15. why would you pay $120. for the pocket coil innerspring?
    and finally, i would be happy to quote you or send you a sample of our Latex core.

    Please feel free to email me directly.

  4. Jason

    We’ll gladly sell you pocketed coils if you’re paying $120 for them.

    Send the sample to:
    2760 Blvd. Daniel Johnson
    Laval, Quebec, Canada, H7P 5Z7

    Can’t wait to test your Talalay.

  5. Lucy

    im assuming you are using Talalay latex?

    who is your current talalay latex supplier? are you buying from a distibutor or are you importing it in yourself?

    Thanks Lucy

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