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This guy lost his camera with more than 2800 photos in Amsterdam. Contact

Click For Full SizeI am becoming more fascinated by the good that can be done through social media. One of my friends from Holland recently posted this photo on his facebook page. I find it incredible that in a mere ten hours there were over TEN THOUSAND “shares”. It just goes to show that people are inherently good. Here is a man that recognized the sentimental value of 2,800 vacation photos and wanted to do the right thing. Not only that, over ten thousand people wanted to help him. My last posting, on preventing bicycle theft has had a huge readership. People have shared it on their facebook pages and other social media .. and quite frankly, it feels good. I hope that this young man gets his camera back for two reasons: 1. It would be awesome … can you imagine how happy he would be and 2. It would propel people in the direction of doing good. Yes there would still be those few emotionally dysfunctional people that would get a kick out of posting false claims to validate themselves, but for the most part … the world would migrate toward the good. And that is enough to put a smile on my face on this sunny Monday. Remember: Be the change.

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