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Toyota Launching a Fleet of New Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota announced today that they will be launching an entire fleet of hybrid vehicles in global markets. Not resting on their laurels with the Prius being the most popular hybrid vehicle on the market, Toyota’s new hybrids will enter the market in 2012. Two of the models will be in the luxury Lexus category. The four Toyota brand models are:

Rav4 Hybrid (SUV)
Sienna Hybrid (Minivan)
Yaris Hybrid (Sedan)
Corolla Hybrid (Sedan)

The Rav4 hybrid will give Toyota an entry in the non-luxury SUV hybrid market which has been dominated by the Ford Escape. The Sienna is a welcome entry to larger families who can now save on gas when they buy a van, something that was a given sacrifice before now. And Corolla fans will be super-happy to find out that their favorite vehicle now comes in hybrid flavour. They will join the Highlander, Prius, and Camry as new additions to the hybrid lineup.

The Rav4 will also be made available in a fully electric version which will be unveiled this November at the Los Angeles auto show.

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