Mattress Off Gass

Why Dont Essentia Mattresses Off-Gas?

Mattress Off GassOff Gassing from memory foam mattresses seems to be a major complaint among owners. They complain of headaches, watery eyes or crusty morning eyes and sometimes respiratory issues.

Why is your Mattress Off Gassing?
Most memory foams are created using chemicals. Chances are if it’s a cheap memory foam mattress they used cheaper chemicals to produce it. High density foams, which are found in high end mattresses, require more chemicals to achieve the high densities.

Glues are used to bond all the layers together. These glues off-gas as well which some are sensitive to.

So all these chemicals result is a product that offgasses.

Essentia mattresses dont offgas because we use natural ingredients to create our foam such as essential oils and plant extracts.

We dont use chemicals to achieve our density either. Our foam is high-pressure injected into a mold until the desired density is reached. That’s why we make them 1 at a time. If we’d use glue we could make 12 mattresses in the time it takes us to make 1 using our molding technology.

The product is more costly to produce but we believe the health benefits are well worth it.

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