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Will Your Next House Be PreFab?

I am a huge advocate of modular or Pre- Fabricated homes. They not only look great but, they use less materials and can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional home. I’ve always loved contemporary architecture and, a prefab house website, seamlessly pairs design and function together.

I’ve stumbled upon the website livinghomes several times, each time digging a little deeper into the site and actually designing and pricing out my future dream house.  The cool thing about livinghomes is that a lot of the materials used are green and the house can be up to LEED standards, both in the building process and function.

All the designs on the website are fresh, combining contemporary design with green materials. The website has 11 designs to choose from and even offers the option to design your own place. My favorite is the RK4, take a look around and see which designs you like. If you want to dig even deeper into design ideas you can check out the website, who offer design options for any project you have.


Check out this video of a LivingHomes home in Santa Monica, California.!


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