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Your Car Is Blinding You!

Cars are amazing. They can take you from one location to another seamlessly, all in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment. The problem with cars is people get too comfortable in them. There is a reason why you have legs, you are meant to walk, it’s not only good for your health, but it also lets you see things you wouldn’t normally get to see in a car.

As you drive along, you’re passing things at speeds that don’t allow you to appreciate or comprehend your surroundings. You pass by hundreds of businesses every week that you probably know nothing about.

This is a epidemic that Americans face, especially if your comfort bubble encourages you to start your engine every time you hear 100 feet away.

Long Beach, California recently set out to become the most bike friendly city in America. This is an enormous and inspiring task, bikes are great, they not only take you away from your car, eliminating pollution, but they’re fun and cheap!

Bikes roughly cost $300 a year, whereas cars are about $7000 for similar mileage. Bikes also allow you to explore your city, opening your eyes to new and cool things everyday. I am very curious to see how upcoming bike sharing programs effect local business and inspire people to spend more time in their local communities.


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