5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Night sweats can an ongoing issue for some sleepers and can significantly disrupt sleep patterns as a result. Night sweats are characterized by excessive perspiration, which is known as hyperhidrosis, while you are sleeping. Night sweats often worsen during the warmer months of the years, particularly during summer. The cause of night sweats varies from person to person and is necessary to diagnose in order to prevent night sweats in the future if caused due to an underlying illness or imbalanced hormone levels. Regardless of the cause of night sweats, finding the right solution to help stop night sweats and stay cool while sleeping can be difficult. Many sleepers experience frustration at their inability to stay cool and comfortable during the night and have to use a method of trial and error to determine the right combination of tactics to successfully keep them cool while they sleep. One of the best ways to achieve restful sleep during the Summer is to have a natural latex mattress that sleeps cool. Keep reading to learn other tips for sleeping cool this Summer.

5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

  1. Choose Your Pajamas and Sheets Wisely: What you wear to sleep can have a tremendous impact on the quality, restfulness, and coolness of your sleep. When selecting clothing to wear to sleep, target clothing made from natural fibers that will allow your skin to breathe while you are sleeping. One of the best materials to select is cotton since it is less likely to lock in moisture close to your skin or cause you to overheat, unlike other materials such as polyester or synthetics. In addition to choosing your pajamas wisely, it is also recommended that you have sheets that are made from natural fibers as well, since they will allow you to stay cooler during the night.
  2. Ditch the Heavy Comforters and Blankets: If you are suffering from night sweats that are impeding your ability to comfortably sleep, the last thing you need is a heavy comforter or thick, wool blanket adding to your already elevated body temperature. Particularly during the summer, pare down your bedding to reflect the changing temperature and aid your body in regulating your temperature while you sleep.
  3. Run a Fan, The Air Conditioning, or Both: Ideally, you will be able to run both the Air Conditioning and a fan in order to help stop your night sweats, but if you only have a fan or only can run Air Conditioning, both will greatly aid in giving you a cool night of sleep. Fans help to circulate air in the room and cool down the temperature, while the Air Conditioning can help you achieve as cool of a room as you desire, significantly combatting your night sweats. When used in tandem, the Air Conditioning can fundamentally lower the temperature of the room, while the fan while keep that icy, cold air circulating throughout the night. Keep in mind that you can also adjust ceiling fan settings so that the blades run counter-clockwise, which will pull hot air up and out rather than moving it throughout the room.
  4. Take a Cold Shower Before Bed: Cool showers during the summer can be a refreshing, simple way to cool down and clean off after a long day. In addition to being pleasant and rejuvenating, cold showers also lower your core body temperature and rinse off any residual sweat that is clinging to your skin. Going to sleep with sweat coating your skin can make you feel sticky and even warmer. Instead, take a cold shower before bed so that you go to sleep feeling cool, clean, and ready to relax.
  5. Choose a Cooling Mattress: The right mattress will be integral to your success in stopping night sweats as your body maintains continuous contact with the mattress throughout the night. The material, construction, and quality of your mattress are all important factors to consider when selecting a mattress. Target mattresses that are made with breathable fabrics, such as organic cotton. The added benefit of organic cotton is that it is also extremely soft, making it a great choice for a mattress cover. In addition to being breathable, it is vital that your mattress be comfortable. Memory foam is shown to relieve pressure and aid in allowing for proper support and blood circulation, making it an ideal material for your mattress.

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