5 Ways to Give Your Newborn the Best Night Sleep

One of the most important routines a newborn develops is their sleep routine, and for many parents the successful establishment of a sleep routine for their newborn is the difference between feeling constantly tired and feeling rested. Many parents recognize that providing their newborn with a good night of sleep improves their mood throughout the day and their overall comfort, as well as teaches them important habits that will be useful throughout their lifetime. One option is to invest in a memory foam mattress for your baby. Below is a guide of five tried and true tactics to give your newborn the best night of sleep possible.

5 Ways to Give your Newborn the Best Night Sleep

With the omnipresence of information available on the internet, many new parents can feel overwhelmed with conflicting advice on how best to approach parenting; however, despite this preponderance of data there are some pieces of advice that have stood the test of time and have been shown to improve newborn sleep patterns. To simplify your life, we have gathered the five top tips for improving your newborn’s sleep patterns and giving them the most restful sleep possible.

  1. Environment plays a tremendous role in how well your newborn will be able to sleep through the night, so it is vital to ensure that the room your baby sleeps in is a calm, peaceful environment that invites them to doze off and dream. One of the best ways to approach creating a calm room is to turn down all the lights so there are no bright, distracting lights present that will break their ability to relax. In addition to this, many parents have had success with playing calming music in the room while their baby falls asleep, as this has a soporific effect that allows them to drift into slumber. Make sure there are no TVs or other brightly lit screens in the room when you put your baby down to sleep for the night, as it can distract them from being able to fall asleep.
  2. Develop a nighttime routine to give your newborn a schedule they will begin to recognize and expect. By following the same routine each night, you provide your newborn with a way to prepare to go to sleep and begin establishing a set schedule for them to follow. For some newborns, establishing this schedule may be challenging at first; however, it is a worthwhile effort in the long run and something they will benefit from for years to come. Ideally, your bedtime routine should last around thirty to forty-five minutes and should provide your newborn with the consistency to wind down at the end of the day. In addition, this benefit, if you are on vacation or out of town, by maintaining a familiar routine you will be able to minimize the impact of foreign surroundings on their mood.
  3. End each evening by giving your newborn a warm, relaxing bath as a part of their bedtime routine. Baths are not only necessary to ensure your newborn is consistently clean and comfortable, but the warm water will also have a calming effect that prepares them to doze off when they reach their crib. Find what works for your baby, and make sure not to keep them in the bath too long as they may begin to be irritated rather than calmed.
  4. Read your newborn a story as they fall asleep. For many children, they remember fondly when their parents sat next to their bed and told them a story as they fell asleep. Though your baby may not recognize specific words or be able to follow the storyline yet, by reading to them each night before bed you will be able to foster a special bond with them and will begin teaching them the nuances and patterns of language. Newborns recognize the ebb and flow of the human voice as it speaks, so by reading you will be able to increase their familiarity with your voice and will give them the comfort of knowing someone they love is looking out for them as they fall asleep for the day.
  5. Invest in a natural crib mattress for your newborn. As with many things in life, not all products are created equally. Many companies focus on profit before quality, which can lead to the production of crib mattresses that can be harmful to your newborn. It is vital to find a crib mattress that is not manufactured with brominated fire retardants materials, cheap glues that contain harmful chemicals, Polyvinyl Chloride (vinyl), polyester fabrics, or petrochemical foams. While it may seem surprising, many crib mattresses contain any number of these potentially harmful substances. To keep your baby sleeping soundly and in a healthy, safe environment, it is important to invest in an organic crib mattress. Essentia produces a variety of crib mattresses that are manufactured with your newborn’s well-being in mind and will help your baby sleep more soundly throughout the night.

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