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7 Benefits of Custom Mattresses

50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleeping disorders. There are currently over 332 million Americans. In other words, every one out of six Americans has reported sleeping disorders.

And this statistic only covers those who have seen a doctor regarding their sleeping disorder. Undoubtedly, many more are struggling in silence, trying to figure out the best thing to do.

We understand that sleep is vital to our health. Yet, we often repeat the same mistake over and, instead, buy mattresses that simply don’t support our bodies or our living spaces.

In this article, you’ll learn why a custom mattress may be the right solution to meet your health needs and improve your sleep quality, which impacts your everyday life.

What is a Custom Mattress?

At this point, you might be asking yourself:

  • “What is a custom mattress?”
  • “How is it different from standard mattresses?”
  • “Do I need a custom mattress for a good night’s sleep?”

These are all excellent questions, so let’s address each one. The answers may surprise you.

What Is a Custom Mattress?

A custom mattress is a mattress made specifically designed to your needs, your size, and your space. Manufacturers will work with you to design a mattress based on these parameters. For example, at Essentia, you can customize any of our mattress models to address your physical needs and desired sleep experience.

How Is It Different From Standard Mattresses?

Custom mattresses differ because they go beyond what you can buy in a store or what might be in stock online. They require specific measurements and detailed notes, which is why each of these pieces takes time to manufacture. One of the most notable differences you’ll experience with custom mattresses are their shape and size.

Do I Need a Custom-Made Mattress to Have a Good Night’s Sleep?

Custom mattresses are an excellent option for many reasons.

But before you invest in one, you want to make sure you need a custom mattress. Use this checklist to help you determine whether or not you need a custom mattress.

I need a:
Specific shape that I cannot find anywhere else (both in-store and online)
Larger size than is traditionally made
Specific material combination that is not available anywhere else
Hypoallergenic mattress that purifies the air (yes, these do exist)
Mattress to help me deal with pain
Mattress that will improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia
Mattress to help me effectively rest and recover as an athlete

If you checked off any of these boxes, then you need a custom mattress.

7 Benefits of a Custom Mattress

1) A Custom Mattress Offers Flexible Sizing Options

You can customize your mattress to fit your physical height and weight. There are several different body types and not nearly as many mattresses. Therefore, it will significantly benefit you to customize your mattress for a specific size.

Athletes can especially vouch for the total-body benefits of a custom mattress, which provides support for the lower back region, the neck, or the legs.

For example, Essentia’s ProCor Custom Mattress allows you to design a sleep surface that enhances recovery, rest, and relaxation. Individuals sleeping on a ProCor custom mattress can, over time, increase their reaction times, daily performance, and tissue repair.

Procor Custom Mattress Recovery Chart

As you design your ProCor custom mattress, you can alter variables to make it precisely what you need. Depending on your height, weight, and body size, your custom mattress can support your physical body in a more supportive way than standard mattress sizes.

Besides the standard Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, other options for a custom mattress include:

  • Texas King size is 80” x 98” in the United States. This size may vary and be smaller in other countries.
  • Wyoming King size is 84” x 84”.
  • Alaskan King size is 108” x 108”.

Custom sizing can make all the difference. For example, those over six feet tall can choose a California King because of its oblong shape. Without this custom size, they often feel cramped while sleeping and experience their feet hanging off the edge of their mattress.

2) A Custom Mattress Can Help With Unusual Rooms or Limited Spaces

Sometimes you are trying to outfit a room with awkward dimensions or more compact size. For example, a twin mattress might be too long for your space, or a King may not be wide enough.

Instead, a customized mattress can be manufactured in a variety of shapes. As long as you give mattress manufacturers your specific dimensions, they can create a mattress for you. Typically, RVs, trailers, buses, and lofts can have unusual spaces for beds. Depending on your desired mattress composition, there are options available to meet your needs in any size.

3) A Custom Mattress Can Allow You to Sleep Well While Traveling

In 2019, 100 million Americans planned to go on road trips in the US alone. All of these people need a place to sleep. While some might be using hotels, Airbnb, or VRBO, several travelers still opt to sleep in their trailers, RVs, and campers while on a trip.

Laying on a custom mattress in a van by the beach

Don’t sacrifice your sleep while you are traveling. If you decide to sleep in your trailer, RV, or camper, you deserve a good night’s sleep. Even though these spaces can be tight and awkward for a standard mattress, a custom mattress would fit perfectly.

Having a custom mattress in your RV, boat, travel trailer, or camper will benefit your sleep and health while out on the road. Regardless of the shape or size, we can make a mattress to fit your needs.

4) A Custom Mattress Can Help Partners Sleep Better

Buying a new mattress for yourself can already be tough enough with all the material and sizing options. However, when you have to buy one mattress for two people, the difficulty increases.

One of the great things about custom ordering from Essentia is that we can split your Queen, King, or California King-sized mattress for no additional fee. Therefore, each partner can get a bed specifically tailored to their needs without infringing on their partner’s specifications.

This split customization is available on most all-foam models and is the perfect solution on an adjustable base. While all three sizes available are great options for couples, they do vary in size and firmness:

  • Queen is the smallest of the three at 80” x 60”.
  • King is the next size up at 80” x 76”.
  • California king is the largest mattress readily available on the market for customization, at 84” x 72”.

5) Custom Mattresses Can Reduce Insomnia and Improve Mental Health

Custom mattresses can reduce insomnia and improve your mental health by giving your body the deep rest and recovery it needs. There’s a science-backed connection between sleep and mental health where the two go hand-in-hand.

Poor sleep can lead to depression due to a bidirectional relationship, a term used to describe health issues that affect and are affected by the other. So, the chances are high that if you suffer from depression, you’ll experience insomnia. And, likewise, a lack of sleep can trigger depression.

However, sleeping on a mattress made explicitly for you and your needs can significantly improve your mental health and sleeping hygiene. When mental health and sleep are so closely connected, it should come as no surprise that our bodies perform better when we sleep well. That’s why opting for a custom mattress is an investment in your sleep quality and mental health.

6) Recover Sore Muscles Faster With Custom Mattresses

When you are asleep, your body is supposed to recover from the previous day’s events. But if you are waking up sore, then your mattress isn’t doing its job. Waking up sore is a clear indication that something is wrong with what you’re sleeping on.

An effective mattress can help you manage your weight, improve athletic performance, and manage pain. Our bodies need sleep to maintain a healthy balance and lifestyle.
Why Body Needs Sleep Graph

Furthermore, sleeping on a mattress designed to lower your body temperature at night can help improve your body’s natural recovery function.

Besides their score of other health benefits, Wholebody Recovery mattresses pull heat away from your body and dispense it back out into your sleeping environment. This allows your body to enter micro hibernation and heal more quickly and efficiently.

7) A Custom Mattress Can Eliminate Back Pain

At the end of a long day, we hit the hay, hoping for some respite, relief, and relaxation. So if your mattress is causing you pain rather than releasing you from it, that’s a serious problem.

While everybody has different needs for their mattresses, a custom mattress can help you alleviate your back pain and other symptoms. When creating your custom mattress, consider the Performance Organic Mattress as it is specifically made to redistribute pressure for proper blood circulation, improve your posture, and provide spinal support.


Opting for a customized mattress is an investment in your mental health, physical health, and future. Remember, a mattress is supposed to support you and give you a consistently restful night’s sleep. Custom mattresses are specifically designed to help you achieve this experience.

Essentia mattresses can meet your needs while maintaining our high-quality standards regardless of the size, shape, or firmness. We craft our mattresses with the highest quality organic materials that are GOLS and GOTS 100% certified organic. Learn more about the mattress customization process at Essentia today.

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