15th January 2011
Green Products

Adventures in Organic Makeup – Zuii Organic Lipstick

Remember that Tarte lip sheer I bought a while back? Lovely stuff, but in true “oh look, a butterfly” fashion I totally lost it somewhere. So, shopping at my local health food spot today, I saw some organic lipstick and jumped all over that shizzle. Technically, I didn’t jump on it, but purchased it and brought it home.

One of the things I hate most about normal lipstick is the heavy oiliness on my lips, and the chemical smell. Zuii lipstick has a pleasing light floral scent and none of the oiliness of conventional lipstick. Since it is full on lipstick, it still has a bit of that stickiness, but without the heaviness it’s not an issue. So, what is in an organic lipstick you ask? What isn’t in it? Check a sampling of the ingredients list:

Sunflower oil
Castor oil
Jojoba seed oil
Carnuba wax
Natural beeswax
Geranium flower oil
Palmarosa oil (this has “martini” in its Latin name – score)
Orange peel oil

And so on. The only thing that looks a little less than eco huggy is tocopherol, which apparently is Vitamin E in compound form. Kind of awesome.

In terms of colour selection, I purchased Primrose, but the selection was wider than other organic cosmetics that I have seen. They also had other cosmetics available. If you want to buy it, you either have to be in Canada or Texas, so this is a bit limiting. If you are in the Hamilton/Burlington/Waterdown area, I purchased this through the Goodness Me! health food chain.

Verdict: will buy again. Functional and organic.

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