What is an organic mattress
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What Is an Organic Mattress?

More people are paying attention to the importance of sleep as a way to stay healthy. The average human being spends roughly one-third of their life sleeping, which makes choosing the right mattress an important life decision for your health and wellbeing. In recent years,…
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Are Organic Mattresses Worth The Price?

In recent years, the number of different types of mattresses available has increased and organic mattresses have become more prevalent. You may be asking yourself, “What is an organic mattress?” Organic mattresses are certified by a third-party organic certifying agent as being organic and include…

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

Selecting the right pillow for your sleep style can prevent you from experiencing painful muscle aches in your neck and shoulders and can help you achieve a high quality, restful night of sleep. But how do you choose the right pillow for your sleep style?…

Learn What Essentia Sleepers Really Think

At Essentia, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality products possible. We believe that our customers are the best representation of our products, quality, and service as they have firsthand experience using Essentia mattresses, pillows, kid’s products, and accessories. Below are…

Sleeping Cool in Summer Months

Getting a cool, restful night of sleep can be a challenge at any time of the year, but especially during hot summer nights. Many people experience night sweats, which can hinder their ability to get restful, beneficial sleep. There are many tips and tricks you…