8th November 2012

Calgary Play Features Marie Brassard


Photo Credit: Nurith Wagner-Strauss

Me Talking to Myself in the Future

Marie Brassard (Montréal)


Presented by Theatre Junction GRAND

November 14 to 17, 2012

Who hasn’t spoken the odd word when no one was around to hear? A characteristic frequently attributed to old people is the habit of talking to themselves, but it is not just old people who do this. Think for a minute,  and you’ll probably remember muttering, “Now where on earth did I put that?” We do this sometimes because the very act of uttering a question presupposes a response—and who wouldn’t want to know where they put their glasses? Cell phone? Other sock?

Shakespeare famously tendered soliloquies, ostensibly the most memorable monologues being from Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. In Me Talking to Myself in the Future, though, there is more of a dialogue occurring, as the solo performer, Marie Brassard, communicates with an imagined older woman. This is not an entirely unusual human activity, as from an early age, children often talk to imaginary playmates. Older people may talk to a long deceased spouse for the comfort it provides.

In Me Talking to Myself in the Future, we see Marie Brassard, accompanied by musicians playing a live score, employ a dialogue to muse on time and death. In a dreamlike conversation, the influences of desire, pain, drugs, and dreams all potentially trigger the imagination and open a breach into a no woman’s land of distorted states.

The Montreal Gazette maintains that this play is Marie Brassard’s “best solo yet”. Reflecting on the career of this highly respected Montreal performer, Junction Theater Grand explains:

“Marie Brassard is one of Canada’s foremost theater artists. For the past 15 years, she has created and performed innovative, imagistic theater and film for Canadian and international audiences, using dance, music, sound, and lighting as ways of dislocating linear narrative. For more than a decade she has collaborated with playwright/director Robert Lepage in productions of The Dragon’s Trilogy, Polygraph, The Seven Streams of the River Ota, and The Geometry of Miracles. Marie Brassard is Artistic Director of INFRAROUGE and has previously performed her renowned works Peepshow and The Invisible at Theater Junction GRAND.”

Do set aside an evening to attend this performance at the historic Theater Junction Grand.  (You may also wish to view the Theatre Junction Grand show page or purchase Online Tickets).

Photo Credit: Nurith Wagner-Strauss

(Photos sourced from Junction Theatre Grand).

Comments in reviews of this play:

“Audiences may not readily comprehend the strange landscape of the unconscious…[but] Ms. Brassard is a captivating guide through an enchanting, if unsettling, realm…”   -The New York Times

“This is vital, world-class theatre not to be missed.”  -The Irish Times, Dublin






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