Canadian Artist Antoine Gaber Comes to Toronto Essentia Store

November is just around the corner and to start off this month, Canadian Contemporary Artist Photographer and Impressionist Painter, Antoine Gaber, has teamed up with the Essentia Toronto store to showcase his wonderful art work.

Come by the store and check out his amazing pieces all month long. As stated on his website, Antoine is known internationally for coming up with his own unique Digital Art Photography technique called “Evolutional Ribbonized Photography.” He will display work in the Toronto Essentia store which shows this one of a kind technique he has created. He will also showcase his paintings which have been compared to artist Van Gogh.

Antoine is an inspiration to many artists and has touched the lives of many people around the world because of his work as a cancer researcher. He has put many of his efforts towards fund raising and charity events for cancer research. Antoine’s work is for a good cause so be sure to come out and support him.

Come by the store any time during the weekdays between 10am-9pm or on Saturdays between 10am-6pm and Sundays 11am-5pm to view his work. We are located in the heart of the beaches at 2180 Queen Street East.

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