Learn What Essentia Sleepers Really Think

At Essentia, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality products possible. We believe that our customers are the best representation of our products, quality, and service as they have firsthand experience using Essentia mattresses, pillows, kid’s products, and accessories. Below are…

Essentia Summer Celebrations!

Summer is officially here and there is a lot to celebrate! Funny story here at Essentia, we love the beginning of July as we get to celebrate two major holidays: Canada Day AND the Fourth of July! Yup, Essentia was born in Canada but we've…

Taking an Organic Approach to Parenting

While it is easy to assume that everything manufactured for children and newborns must be safe and healthy, it is often not the case. Unfortunately, while many companies tout their commitment to keeping your newborn safe first, their highest priority is often the profitability of…

5 Ways to Give Your Newborn the Best Night Sleep

One of the most important routines a newborn develops is their sleep routine, and for many parents the successful establishment of a sleep routine for their newborn is the difference between feeling constantly tired and feeling rested. Many parents recognize that providing their newborn with…
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