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Celebrate Your Super Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s no secret that your environment can have a direct impact on your overall well-being, this year we want you to prioritize helping mom to Rise & Thrive! Essentia products are the perfect way to help Mom set up her sleep sanctuary for truly rejuvenating sleep, and we have a few great options you can consider gifting Mom this Mother’s Day!

Essentia products are more than just organic, in fact, thanks to our Beyond Organic® standard, when you gift Mom an Essentia product you are gifting her a product that will introduce positive outcomes to benefit her health and wellness from simply sleeping. Mom can sleep cool without having toxins introduced to the bedroom, she can breathe in a clean air environment thanks to certified organic components and she can experience ultimate pressure relief without poly foams. All of these factors and more are important to Mom’s quality of sleep so that she can experience amazing sleep for even better days.


You may be thinking a mattress or pillow is a very personal choice, and you’re right! This is why we think an Essentia gift card will be the perfect Mother’s Day present to pamper Mom with this year.  You’ll be giving mom the gift of choice AND Next Level Sleep, especially since sleep represents 40% of your immune effectiveness. You Mom deserves a special place to rest her head at night to be able to conquer her day! Shop Essentia Gift Cards Here.

Don’t forget Mom can also use a gift that helps her with the little ones that are running around at home right now. There is more responsibility on Mom’s plate and studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Sounds like an Essentia mattress for the younger kids can be the best gift of all for Mom!

You also don’t want to forget about the soon-to-be Moms who are expecting! Baby deserves the best, which is why our LaLa crib mattress is the only option for a tiny tot. Featuring a touch of our patented natural memory foam it offers just enough contouring and cradling to add comfort while still meeting all standards for a firm crib mattress with the natural latex support foam. Not to mention, Essentia’s products have been tested and designed to not attract or emit allergens. This nurturing surface is loved by babies, they tell us… by sleeping!

Babies eventually turn into rambunctious kids that love to run and play. And we have great options kids will love like the Grateful Bed Jr or the Stratami mattress, and you’ll love that they can take it all the way to college with them!

Here are a few of our favorite images shared with us by Essentia moms


For me…there is no greater joy than to be able to nurse my babies. To be able to feed them, to comfort them, to make them feel secure and loved. When we are able to take the time to just enjoy each other, be comfortable and nurse without trying to put them to sleep, without having an objective or sense of feeling rushed, but just to soak in each other, those are my favorite moments. . People write me often with their struggles through nursing and I’m just so so sorry. It has come so easy and so natural but I think that I really take for granted just how easy it is. I find people in shock and awe that I can nurse them at the same time, while standing or sitting or eating or doing various things… . My advice is always to relax, be calm, be still and just focus on your little one; know that you are doing all you can do and even one ounce is amazing, just that bond of laying your little one on your breast, regardless of how much milk comes out has such a great impact. . This pillow from @essentiagram has taken nursing to a whole new level of bliss! No tired arms, no hunched neck; just pure enjoyment for all involved😍 #essentianaturalsleep #ad #breastfeedingtwins A post shared by 🌿 A S H L E Y | R O S E 🌿 (@organicallyashley) on

Here at Essentia, we embrace all types of Moms so…

For some moms, their babies come with 4 legs and a tail. Well look no further, we’ve got you covered. Introduce your fur baby to the Essentia Kingston. This lux pet bed is made entirely of shredded natural latex and our natural memory foam for maximum pressure relief, breathability, and durability. As they nestle in and enjoy the soft cotton Sherpa designed to keep them cozy and content, you may notice an empty space on your own Essentia mattress. The Kingston is made from the same natural, healthy, high-quality foams we use in all Essentia products. The SoftGripTM cotton bottom makes it safe to use on all floors. Best of all it’s machine washable.

Cheers to the moms who made it through teething, puberty, and first crushes. It’s now your time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Use your Essentia gift card to upgrade your mattress to an Essentia organic mattress so your lazy Saturday mornings in bed, afternoon nap time, or Friday night Netflix and chill dates are as luxurious as can be.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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