Do Latex Mattresses Dry Out?

latex mattressJim From Calgary asked……..
A mattress vendor in Calgary indicated to us that a latex mattress does not last long and becomes brittle in a dry climate such as Calgary.

Would this be a potential concern in regards to your mattresses?

Answer: Unfortunately, this vendor, as most have very little knowledge about mattress components, and even less for natural foams and foams in general.

Natural rubber foams retain their moisture significantly more than synthetic foams, that’s why they are more durable. The dryer the climate, the more important it’ll be to have such a product.

There are however certain latex foams, those that are blended and cured in countries like Sri Lanka, Malasia, Indonesia, Vietnam; while these countries are great suppliers for the raw latex milk, they do not have the sophisticated equipment, climate controlled labs, and know how to produce a refined, flexible latex foam. The result of inferior processing is in fact a product that may dry faster and crumble. This is not a quality found in Latex, this is a quality found in unrefined latex.

For years latex foams have been recognized as the longer lasting product in regions like Italy and Spain who have very dry climates, and of course part of the lab testing includes climate simulations and latex foams outperform in every test.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Perhaps the vendor has more experience with latex than you suppose. Connecticut is not a dry environment nor is my house. However, I have a ten year old latex mattress that was manufactured by Latex International in Shelton, CT, the only U.S. producer. I bought it directly from the factory where it was made so there is no question as to its origin although I have no idea from where the latex actually came. After ten years the outside edges of the mattress have become extremely dried out up to a depth of one inch or so. A very fine dust flakes off each time the mattress is moved or touched. The mattress is fine beyond the dried edge and remains extremely comfortable but the constant production of latex dust has become a nuisance. Given that conventional mattresses are claimed to only offer 10 years of life I suppose the ten years I have gotten out of the latex is not so bad. But your reassurances to Jim that latex does not dry out ring hollow based on my experience. Actually I came upon Jim’s comment as I was surfing to find some advise on how to restore latex or at least prevent further drying.

  2. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Your latex mattress is drying out because it was not made with natural latex.

    Latex International only manufacturers synthetic latex. Synthetic latex dries out quicker than natural latex.

    Latex varies in quality. There’s synthetic latex, natural latex and blends. Synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals like polyurethane so it tends to dry out and create that dust you’re refering to.

    Any latex with more than 60% natural ingredients can be called “natural latex” so buyer beware.

    Sorry for your troubles and good luck with finding a solution! 😉

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