6th April 2016
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Essentia: Coming Soon to a City Near You!

IMG_0901Are you ready? This year is going to be a BIG one!

Essentia is growing by leaps and bounds, and this growth means more showrooms… most likely in a city near you. In the past we’ve always opened showrooms in hip neighborhoods, making us much more of a destination. This time around, we want to be more accessible to everyone!

Founder and CEO of Essentia, Jack Dell’Accio, had this to share about the expansion:

“The next wave of Essentia showrooms are on their way! This year we’ve committed to six additional cities. I’m excited about the continued growth of our Essentia team, and even more excited about introducing Essentia to these new markets. It’s going to be fun welcoming more people to a healthier and happier lifestyle!”

barricade 1We’re excited to share that our new showrooms will all be centrally located in malls, meaning we get to introduce even more people to Next Level Sleep! Here are all the new locations you’ll see from Essentia by the end of the year:

  • Bridgewater Commons in Bridgewater, NJ
  • Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, NJ
  • Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV
  • Towson Town Center in Baltimore, MD
  • Stonebriar Center in Dallas, TX
  • Baybrook Mall in Houston, TX

If you’ve been following our story, you know that Jack Dell’Accio, Founder and CEO, of Essentia, set out on this journey after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Once he learned how the toxins that we encounter on a daily basis especially in things like microwaves, couches and yes even mattresses affect health he wanted to make a change. As his family had been in the latex industry, Jack jumped on the first thing he thought he could make a reality: a truly healthy mattress. The goal was to develop a solution that would help achieve wellness and sustainability. The result: the world’s only natural memory foam.

Essentia Revolutionized Sleep!

We’re proud to have evolved from a truly healthy, natural mattress to something so much more. Essentia’s patented technology makes it the only mattress able to address the 6 key elements of whole body recovery which include wholebody comfort, optimized sleep, proper posture, temperature control, clean air environment and allergy friendly.

To top this off, Essentia has been vetted and endorsed by some of the greatest institutions, health gurus, top athletes and professional sports teams. Some athletes sleeping on Essentia include Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jonathan Toews Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, Max Pacioretty Captain of the Montreal Canadians and Hayley Wickenheiser 4-time Olympic gold medalist. Essentia has also been named the World’s Healthiest Mattress by Delos!

We can’t wait to get the new showrooms up and running and get more people experiencing Next Level Sleep!

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