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You’re set to start the most amazing journey of life… being a parent! It comes with all the emotions: excitement, joy, fear, and uncertainty. Are you making all the right choices? How do I keep my baby healthy and happy? And the most important question is, what is the healthiest crib mattress for my baby? This is probably the most important aspect of your new nursery because your baby will spend thousands of hours in their crib and this will be the most important investment you make as a new parent. Here we’ll take you through what you should know about purchasing a new crib mattress and why the Lala crib should be top of your list.

In fact, studies conducted by the University of Texas at Austin reported that:

  • New crib mattresses release about four times as many VOCs as old crib mattresses.
  • Body heat increases emissions.
  • Chemical emissions are strongest in the sleeping infant’s immediate breathing zone.

These scary facts can have detrimental consequences for your precious newborn, it is even said that these emissions are the cause of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This is why doing your due diligence when purchasing a new crib mattress is the most important step on your new journey. Some of the scarier situations when it comes to picking your new crib mattress is the potential for a recall. Some of the most recent cases of crib mattress recall involve the crib mattress failing to meet flammability standards which resulted in 23,400 affected mattresses.

Top Things to Avoid in Crib Mattresses:

  1. Flame Retardants – Mattresses are often treated with chemical flame retardants to meet federal regulations. It is important to choose a crib mattress manufacturer that does not use toxic chemicals to meet these regulations.
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride or Vinyl Waterproofing – This waterproofing is often achieved with plastics that contain the hazardous compound polyvinyl chloride or vinyl. This is known to be the most toxic plastic that constantly outgasses into the air that your baby breathes. In the event that you choose to have waterproofing, you must ensure there is no vinyl uses. Healthy crib mattress companies can achieve a safer waterproof surface with he used of food-grade polyethylene.
  3. Polyurethane Foams – These foams are petroleum-based materials that will emit VOCs into the air. You must also consider that soy-based and vegetable-based foams are simply poly foams mixed with these other elements but the majority of the mix is still polyurethane-based.
  4. Fabrics – You want to stay away from crib mattress cover fabrics and fabric batting that is made of polyester. Polyester can cause respiratory tract irritation and even rashes. Moreover, you should be vigilant of options that seem good on the outside. What does this mean? Think of an organic cotton cover over a polyurethane foam mattress. It’s important to pay close attention to all components of the mattress.

Essentia LaLa Crib Mattress

Here at Essentia, we realize how important of a decision it is to pick the right crib mattress which is why we created the LaLa crib mattress, the purest sleep surface for your baby. Backed by science, the Essentia LaLa natural crib mattress features tick all the boxes for the most optimal sleep surface for your baby.

  • Temperature neutral sleep surface. The LaLa crib mattress is breathable, pulling heat away from baby and out through the mattress. Your baby will benefit from constant airflow, even when tummy sleeping.
  • Made in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory, Essentia uses only the highest quality natural and organic components to ensure a clean air environment for baby. You won’t find any synthetic fabrics or poly foams so the baby is not exposed to VOCs from these elements.
  • Hypoallergenic. The LaLa crib mattress does not have any nesting ground for dust mites so it will not attract or emit allergens as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
  • No Chemical Flame Retardants. Essentia does not use any chemical flame retardants on any products including the LaLa crib mattress.
  • Featuring a touch of Essentia’s patented natural memory foam the LaLa crib mattress ensures pressure relief for optimal blood flow, proper spinal alignment, and a temperature-neutral sleep surface so the baby will experience fewer sleep interruptions and sleep longer.
  • Essentia LaLa crib mattress now features food-grade waterproofing integrated into the backing of the GOTS certified organic cotton cover.

Shop the LaLa crib mattress here.



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