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2nd December 2015
Health and Wellness

Essentia Launches #Support322!

What began as a friendly wager between Jack Dell’Accio, Founder & CEO of Essentia, and Richard Macary, President of Delos Ventures, has now taken on a life of its own; we’re excited to finally launch the #Support322 campaign! This is a 5-month initiative encouraging a healthy lifestyle and giving back while shedding the pounds.

#Support322 PK Subban

The challenge: drop the most weight and compete in the South Beach Triathlon on April 3, 2016! Now for a bit of back story, 322 isn’t just an arbitrary number… it’s actually Jack’s starting weight when he had his weigh in at the Montreal Canadiens training facility. Now you understand the challenge with only 5 months to prepare for Jack to be ready to compete in a triathlon without causing any serious injury. This is where Jack’s team of experts and trainers will take a big lead. We’ll be introducing that team to you in January when Jack’s training really kicks into high gear.#Support322 Lars Eller

The winner of the challenge wins the bet and loser makes a donation to the winner’s charity of choice. Jack has decided to make this additional donation to the Canadian Cancer Society and the fight to eradicate cancer.

We decided to up the ante and get even more involved, by launching the #Support322 campaign. Launching later this week, the campaign encourages people to share their huge transformations or simple everyday changes to help them live a better life. With each image shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Support322 Essentia will donate $1 to the final donation amount up to a 100% donation match. On top of this, every entry will be entered for a chance to WIN an Essentia mattress, valued at $2,875!

We’ll be sharing updates with everyone here on our blog and across all social media channels. There will be tips and advice from Jack’s expert team as well as encouragement from supporters of the #Support322 campaign like some of the Habs players that got to witness Jack’s weigh in like Max Pacioretty, Lars Eller, Torrey Mitchell and PK Subban! 322 - Torrey Mitchell

Stay tuned, we’re excited to be able to give even more back to the Canadian Cancer Society as we know Jack has this in the bag! Game on Rich!

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